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Ramadan 2022

This year, giving is believing. Give your Zakat and Sadaqah to the world’s most vulnerable people and help them survive; provide them with food, water, shelter, and a chance of a better tomorrow.

This Ramadan, Give, Gain, Grow.

This Ramadan, giving is believing. We believe in a better world, where we unite to support the most vulnerable communities in our Ummah.

When we give, we gain and grow. Give hope, gain unaccountable blessings, and grow together as an Ummah committed to a world without poverty.

Our 36 years of experience mean you can trust us with your Zakat. It will be distributed to those who need it the most, Insha’Allah. Our Zakat policy, which regulates our end-to-end collection, distribution and feedback is Shariah compliant and approved by a board of Ulama.

£60 Could provide a family with food for a month.

£97 Could provide a survival pack including food, clothing, and other essential items.

£200 Could provide safe and secure shelter to the most vulnerable.

£1000 Could provide clean drinking water to an entire community.

Believe in a better world.

Through supporting our work at Muslim Aid, your donations work harder, impact stronger and deliver more hope.

For those without access to safe drinking water, you can give relief after thirst. For the thousands of children in our orphan care, you can give opportunity after loss. For the growing healthcare needs of vulnerable communities, you can give healing after affliction.

For those struggling in the aftereffects of emergencies and disasters, you can give hope after calamity. For children enrolled in our education programmes, you can give triumph after despair.

Automate your donations this Ramadan.

We’ve made it simple and safe for you to split your donations across the last ten nights of Ramadan, ensuring that you capture the rewards of giving on Laylat ul Qadr. This year, you can also choose to split your donations across the 30 days of Ramadan.




See your donations doubled.

We’ve also partnered with Givematch to make your donations go that bit further. Givematch will double your donation when you get 2 friends to donate, so you double your impact.

This Ramadan, Giving is Believing. Donate Now

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