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What we do


Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners

Muslim Aid has a number of strategic partnerships with organisations and businesses based in the UK. Our partnerships offer your company an opportunity to engage in charity work that extends beyond emergency aid but a chance to change the lives of the poorest communities both locally and globally.

Here are just some of our recent collaborations:



Supermarket chain, Asda, lent its invaluable support to Muslim Aid for our ‘Feed the Hungry’ project. Asda featured in an important Muslim Aid publication and generously gave us collection points at various Asda supermarkets across the UK. Volunteers also gave their time to help customers at Asda supermarkets pack their shopping at till points. As a result, we successfully raised almost £30,000 for our food security programmes for disadvantaged communities both in the UK and abroad. 

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Lyca Mobile

Lyca Mobile, the well known mobile network operator has also collaborated with us and has given us their valuable support to make each fundraising event a success.

In 2010 we organised a number of events around the UK to raise money for our children’s projects abroad, in the area of health, education, child sponsorship and skills training.

Islamic Bank of Britain IBB

Islamic Bank of Britain, the British Institute of Technology & E-Commerce and the leading suppliers of wholesale packaging, Lesta PLC, all gave their generous support for our 25th anniversary through company brand awareness, advertising in our 25th anniversary souvenir brochure and other promotional activities. Consequently, we were able to deliver a special 25th anniversary event held at the prestigious Natural History Museum in London celebrating the immense achievements and successes of Muslim Aid over the past 25 years.

1st Ethical

The 1st Ethical Charitable Trust, established in 2003 is a leading British charity that aims to empower Muslims through faith based campaigns in order to benefit society.

Their work involves partnering with Imams and Teachers within the leading 150 Mosques and Muslim faith schools nationwide on topics such as financial literacy (Mu‘āmalāt) and social responsibility, which are those areas of our faith that benefit society whilst also being emphasized scripturally. 

1st Ethical has partnered with Muslim Aid on our ‘Legacy Giving’ campaign that promotes the importance of will writing. 1st Ethical provides the intellectual and specialized knowledge to Muslim Aid. Furthermore, the ‘Legacy Giving’ campaign gives the opportunity to individuals to donate a part of their assets, to Muslim Aid as a continuous charity reward (Sadaqah Jariyah).

  • 11 Feb 2014 update Employee Engagement

    Staff engagement in charitable work can be a truly rewarding and challenging experience for your staff, lending way to team building and cohesion. We can tailor make a package for your staff needs and objectives easily. Read on;

    Deloitte – Place logo here  

    We have worked Deloitte, one of the ‘Big Four’ professional services organisations in the world that has enabled us to channel corporate engagement to far reaching levels. Our partnership with Deloittecrosses a number of themes from engaging city workers with a Quiz night to charity challenges in order to raise money for our projects abroad. In May 2013, we teamed up with Deloitte on a fun filled trek to Snowdonia, raising money for our water projects in Africa.

  • 11 Feb 2014 update Philanthropic Donations

    Supporting Muslim Aid with a donation immensely helps to deliver long-term sustainable programmes to communities in desperate need of healthcare, education, livelihood projects and of course emergency aid.

    Whichever programme you choose to support, or if you prefer to donate generically, you can be assured that we deliver the best possible standards of long-term development programmes that address the root causes of poverty in order to eradicate it. From our microfinance programmes (supports extremely needy people) to our water and sanitation hygiene (WASH) projects, thousands worldwide have benefitted from the care and attention received from Muslim Aid. This has been made possible by our donors and supporters alike.

    We provide regular programme updates on how your support is making a difference.

    HiSPEK – Place logo here

    Partnering with electronic specialist, HiSpek, allowed us to reach thousands suffering from the devastating effects of the Pakistan floods in 2010, killing over 2,000 people and affecting 2 million. Due to an open-handed donation from HiSpek to build a ‘Model Village’ it restored entire villages with permanent housing, educational facilities, water and sanitation hygiene (WASH), livelihood support, environmental protection through fruit trees plantations and health clinics in many of the worst hit areas. Therefore, many of the projects we carry out have a long term outlook that enables people and communities to remove themselves out of poverty and provide for themselves and their families independently.

  • 11 Feb 2014 update In House Collections

    One way your organisation or business can support Muslim Aid with minimum effort is to help us facilitate collection boxes at your offices or businesses. We’ve placed discreet collection boxes at IBB and National Halal, proving to be very beneficial towards raising funds.

  • 11 Feb 2014 update Emergency Banners

    By displaying one of our banners on your website you can support us in raising vital funds to provide a lifeline for those affected by emergencies.


    CAR Emergency

  • 11 Feb 2014 update Payroll Giving

    Payroll Giving, (Give As You Earn) is a great way to involve employees as part of your organisations Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work ethic.

    Payroll Giving is one way employees can donate to charity tax-free and give money to a UK registered charity. Employees can donate from their gross wages, their chosen charity receives the tax on the donation, ensuring their gift is worth 40% to 50% more. 

    For more information please contact