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Q. What is the Feed the Fasting programme ?

"Feed the Fasting" programme is one of the 5 ways donors can help the poor through Muslim Aid (MA) during the month of Ramadan. This programme enables some of the poorest families in the world, by providing healthy and nutritious halal food for Iftaar and Suhoor. 

Q. Who are the beneficiaries?

Through the programme MA provides food packages to families. Furthermore, marginalised communities are also given support during the Holy month including widows, orphans, destitute children, the disabled and the elderly, regardless of race or religion.

Q.What is delivered through FFP?

-       Rice/flour/wheat/Spaghetti/pasta (please note they range from 10kg-30kg depending on country. But you may average it out)

-       Sugar

-       Oil 5-20 litres

-       Lentil 5-15kg

-       Tea

-       Tinned fruit, multiple tins

-       Tinned veg, 5 - 10 kg

-       Spices

-       Salt

-       Flour

-       Houmous

-       Biscuits

-       Dates

-       Vegetable fat

-       Milk powder

We ensure that we provide good quality, nutritious and healthy food items in the food packs.

 Q. How are the items delivered?

This varies from country to country- some foods are delivered in bulk, some weekly. Purchasing foods is done by our partners and our teams on the ground and is ongoing throughout Ramadan.

We allocate distribution points in areas where people can come and collect their food parcels. Some beneficiaries have vouchers which they take to a store where MA has an agreement with. In more remote areas, we travel to the beneficiaries, especially to those who are sick. In places where people are unable to reach distribution points and countries where we do not have field offices, food is usually delivered by our partner organisations to the villages. We also distribute Iftaar meals along with food parcels.

Q. How long does it take for the money to reach them?

The money has already been sent to our partners and field offices, but we constantly send the money as and when the donor supports us throughout Ramadan. As soon as we have the funds in our account we ask the teams to prepare the items while we send money to save time.

 Q. What are the benefits of the programme?

By providing food items that can last a month, poor families are able to benefit from a month’s supply of food.