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The UK is the seventh largest economy in the world, yet today, 1 in 5 of the UK population live below the official poverty line, meaning that they experience life as a daily struggle. Also, 2.3 million children live in poverty in the UK (UNICEF). By 2014, this figure will continue to rise to an estimated 3.1 million (The institute of Fiscal Studies.).  The lack of support at home and the recent economic downturn has had a detrimental effect pushing even more families into poverty. Though the figures are alarming, most of us will remain unaware of the difficulties that some families will face on a daily basis.

In partnership with PL84U- Alsuff, Muslim Aid through this provided a range of activities, services or support that addresses issues of community cohesion, specifically with reference to the vulnerable elderly and isolated in the communities of Waltham Forest and surroundings. The project started in 2014 and assisted the following:

  • Homeless and needy/vulnerable individuals/families
  • Those vulnerable as a result of a physical or mental disability
  • Those vulnerable as a result of leaving prison or the armed services.
  • Individuals and Families that have nowhere to stay and want to stay together
  • Those that no longer have a legal right to stay in their home
  • Those forced to leave home because of violence or abuse, and are more at risk than most people.

Since 2014, approximately 1900 people have been served through drop-in session, distribution of food packs and items, engaging primary schools and colleges to donate non-perishable items, researching and identifying organisations and individuals for donation in kind.

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