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Our Let's Move a Mountain food drive is our way of getting schools involved in the Warm Hearts Winter Campaign. Through it we are able to educate students about the issue of hunger and empower them to take an active role in helping their community.

How it works?

Many people in the UK will go without a meal today. Rising living costs, unemployment and financial uncertainty have left many people struggling to feed themselves or their families. We are gathering a mountain of dry food items and distributing them to food banks and soup kitchens to feed people who are desperate and hungry. For some, the food they receive, will be their only meal of the day.

What are food banks?

Food banks store dry, non-perishable foods (items with a long shelf-life and do not spoil) and give them to vulnerable families and individuals who may be living below the poverty line.

What are soup kitchens?

Soup kitchens are a warm, safe place for the homeless to rest and have a hot meal cooked by volunteers.

What you can help

You can help hungry and desperate people by collecting food from your cupboards and drop these (before the deadline) to a participating school or Mosque who are working tirelessly to help us reach milestones.

What Is a milestone?

Mountain milestones are 250kg of food items and easy to achieve. That’s just 62 cans of tinned soup! We can reach these milestones together and make a difference this winter to those in need.

Interested in getting involved?

If you want to get involved in this year’s edition, then email [email protected]. Places are limited so please get in touch asap

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