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Many depend on rain water and water holes that are usually contaminated and put villagers at risk from water borne diseases. According to the World Bank, 11,000 children die every year in Cambodia due to the lack of adequate sanitation. Water and Sanitation programmes in Cambodia are a top priority. Muslim Aid and the Royal Government with the support of the Ministry of Rural Development, has implemented several water and sanitation projects in Cambodia.

Combined Water Well Project

Muslim Aid Cambodia's Combined Water Well project funded by the Australian Government Aus AID, has built water wells since November 2007 in four villages in the Traing district. Over 600 families have benefited from the project ensuring that they have access to water, free from arsenic. 

Latrine Project

The environmentally friendly sanitary latrine project delivered by Muslim Aid Cambodia in Andeng Saing village in Takeo province, ensured the construction of latrines for 177 families who did not have access to sanitation facilities. The project is aimed at raising awareness of hygiene and sanitation in order to prevent diseases particularly amongst children. It is also aimed at improving environmental pollution in areas where people live close together and the spread of disease is a greater risk.

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