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This Winter Save Lives

For the 82.4 million people worldwide; homeless, and in abject poverty, winter is a real and deadly threat to their lives. Help them survive by providing lifesaving items like food, fuel and heating. support mothers, children and families in countries where the need is greatest. This winter, save lives.


Save Afghanistan

Decades of war, instability, and drought in Afghanistan has claimed the lives of thousands and pushed millions into extreme poverty. If the weather is as bad as experts are predicting this winter, millions will be threatened with hunger and famine. The people of Afghanistan are in urgent need of help. This winter, save lives in Afghanistan.


Somalia Drought Appeal

For almost a year Somalia has had no rain. The prolonged lack of water has destroyed crops and livestock, and increased rates of malnutrition and disease. Severe drought is placing millions of lives at risk, people are dying, they need your urgent support now.


Help Our Heroes

Our heroes on the ground are prepared to work around the clock to get your donations to serve those who need it most and save lives. Your support for our essential running costs, means we can provide effective services to those in need. This winter, help us to help them.


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