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Europe Refugee Crisis

Conflicts across the world have caused a surge in refugees fleeing persecution, violence and abject poverty to Europe in unprecedented numbers. Without the necessary infrastructure or systems in place to accept them, they have been left to suffer or forced to make further dangerous journeys in which they risk their lives.

These families, predominantly from across the Middle East and Africa, have uprooted their lives out of desperation in the simple hope of finding a safe place to live. Many have already died, with thousands more at risk each week.

Muslim Aid is deploying teams to affected regions to determine the scale of the humanitarian need in the region.

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  • A fellow Muslim - anonymous said on 12 Sep 2015, 20:39

    As-Salam-Waalaikum, Urgent help is certainly needed and we need to also quickly address the need for Eid coming up, how can we use Muslim Aid to assist make this happen...? What are the further needs to ensure basics especially for children and woman, starting with the mothers and pregnant woman .. Please respond so that we try and see what's can be done as urgently as possible, Shukran A Fellow human...

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