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syria orphanage bayti appeal

syria orphanage bayti appeal

Imagine a child with no father or mother this Ramadan. Imagine this child, alone and unsure, with no one to hold them. For the many orphans of Syria, this is their daily reality. 

Recently, our team went to visit many orphans who are now living on the border of Turkey and Syria. The current conflict in Syria has brought them there.

Donate Now to Beity


    Muslim Aid, together with Maram Foundation, set up the Beity orphanage in Turkey for the many children who have lost their parents from the terrifying violence in Syria. Home to 75 orphans, the orphanage sends children to local schools so that they can integrate into society and not feel excluded.

The Orphanage provides the children with:

  1. Protection
  2. Three meals a day
  3. Accommodation: each orphan has his/her bed in shared rooms
  4. Education: school-age orphans go to local schools (MA-funded buses drop them off and pick them up). Nursery-age orphans receive in-house education.
  5. Well-being and support
  6. Health care
  7. Clothes

Plans are underway to build a new Orphanage in Syria so that children don’t have to flee to neighbouring countries and can find refuge and sanctuary within their homeland.

Please help us care for vulnerable little lives.

Beity Orphanage - 1 year on

Thanks to your donations, one year on, the Beity orphanage in Turkey is now home to many Syrian refugee children who had lost one or both parents during the conflict.

They are now able to eat, sleep and enjoy a loving and caring environment, whilst building the foundations for a better and brighter future. For information about Beity call 020 7377 4200 or visit

Charity Reg No. 295224

  • 20 Jun 2015 update Beity Live Appeal

    Beity Live Appeal - Islam Channel 

    A share of the orphanage (provides food, education, clothes and carers)

    Can go towards a mussallah room with a mushaf (name of donor goes in the Mushaf)

    Can go towards providing access to clean drinking water and wudhu facilities for children and orphans.

    Can provides a bedroom for 4 children – with a plaque of the donor’s name. Maximum 20 characters.

    Goes towards providing emergency medical and trauma support for 20 children and puts them into safety

    Leave your legacy in Syria, name the orphanage after yourself or a loved one.