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How Qurbani Teaches Us Compassion

Qurbani is undeniably one of the most significant dates in the Islamic calendar. Falling during Eid-ul-Adha just after the annual pilgrimage of Hajj, Qurbani is the process of sacrificing an animal to Allah SWT in order to honour the tradition of Prophet Ibrahim. The meat from this sacrifice is then distributed amongst loved ones and those who are most in need – a great way to help out people who are less fortunate than us.

However, although this simple process describes the basic fundamentals of Qurbani, there are actually many more benefits which can be reaped from this auspicious occasion.

The History of Qurbani

It is important for Muslims to be regularly reminded about the tale of the Prophet Ibrahim, as this one story has the capacity to teach us many essential elements of our faith. From devotion, generosity and compassion to the process of working to become a more selfless individual, Qurbani can both act as a reminder of the importance of these things and help us to work towards achieving them throughout our daily lives.

The history and meaning behind Qurbani is a rich one, filled with incredible stories, tales and lessons to be learned.

The Lessons We Learn

Compassion allows us to become a great source of comfort and inspiration for the people around us, both in our own local communities and much further afield. We are filled with the ability to provide helpful advice and guidance to people in need, using our own empathy and generosity to provide a source of comfort. We are able to share our own good fortune as well as our love, not just for those who we are closest to, but also to strangers and others who are in need of our support.

Taking inspiration from our faith, we can use our knowledge of the tales and traditions of Qurbani to learn how we should endeavour to treat our fellow humans. Care, compassion and empathy enable us to show our appreciation for others and for Allah  SWT, cementing our faith through our actions.

In addition to compassion, we can learn to harness the virtue of patience at this important time of year. We must be patient in our faith and our beliefs, allowing them to help us overcome any issues or burdens we are faced with in our daily lives. Patience and a deep-rooted belief in our religion can enable us to conquer any negative emotions and find our inner strength, helping us to become stronger and more confident thanks to our faith.

This year, donate your Qurbani with Muslim Aid and choose to distribute your good fortune with the people who are most in need. 

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