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Qurbani: The True Wealth in Giving

The rewards in the Hereafter are far greater for those who give and sacrifice (Qurbani), and the shine in which they finally meet their Lord, will be one well worth dying for.

In today’s world, however, wealth is something that is materialistically acquired and seen. Be it the size of our homes, the weight of our wallets, or the brand of our cars. Should one venture out in designer shoes, luxury clothing – as well as the latest accessories - they can often be perceived as being wealthy.

Unfortunately, this is the norm that we are now accustomed to, whereby the wealth and status of a person are demonstrated through our material possessions. The size and brand of someone’s wallet, the cost of the designer watch they are wearing or the handbag they have slung over their arm; everything – right down to their fashion sense and the shoes they are wearing – is used to define our status and wealth. So many children see these possessions as everyday necessities and aspire to have their own one day.

Subsequently, the next generation has learnt that having a million dollars makes you feel a million dollars. Society competes to appeal to the wealthy, imploring to be accepted into this seemingly gleaming, polished world.

But the cycle of life continues; when we run out of time, we pass away, luxury shoes or otherwise.

You see, amidst our daily lives, we tend to forget the fact that no matter how wealthy or important we think we are, our final destination will always be the same. We are all buried underground, in a simple cut of cloth, with nobody and nothing beside us.

Now, what is it that will set us apart in front of our Lord?

It certainly won’t be the diamonds we wear or the expensive watch collection we are so proud of. None of those things truly belong to us, and they are all left behind in this world when we move on.

Instead, it is our good deeds – and most of all, our unspoken good deeds – that set us apart.

The things that nobody saw, such as the old lady walking behind the wealthy man on the street. This lady shared all that she had and found happiness in giving to others despite having very little for herself. Nothing about her appearance stood out because she blended into the background, non-descript to those around her.

However, in the eyes of Allah SWT, we are all equal. The cloth in which we stand, in front of our Creator, will be the same cloth that everyone else will be wearing, too. We are all one and the same.

So why did Allah SWT choose to make some of us wealthy while the rest of us are just getting by? Why divide us when He could easily give or take as He pleases?

To test us, of course!

Allah SWT wants to see what we do with our wealth, the generosity in our hearts and how humble we can be.

Day after day, we are tested in many ways; we have good times, we have bad times, sometimes we struggle, sometimes we succeed. However, this isn’t our doing; this is Allah SWT’s giving. What we have was never ours to begin with; it was blessed upon us to see what we do with it. Do we fall victim to greed or do we share the benefits?

We are constantly reminded to remain humble; things may knock us down, and things can pick us up, but not all of us remember what it felt like to walk barefoot because we are now accustomed to such fine footwear.

So, brothers and sisters; be humble. There is great reward in giving to charity, and in doing so, our wealth does not depreciate. 

“The believer’s shade on the Day of Judgement will be his charity.

-       Holy Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

In Islam, there is much importance held in the act of giving to charity, be it by way of sadaqah, zakah, Qurbani or general giving.

Not only does this determine our true character, but Allah SWT also promises endless rewards for giving to charity, too. Our sacrifice in this temporary world could bring us the shade we will need for protection in our Hereafter.

Amongst us today, there are many incredibly monetarily rich and wealthy people that could simply eradicate all worldly poverty with just their wealth alone; but this may never happen.

It is our duty to help others, irrespective of religion, race, belief or principles.  The true key to happiness is in giving.

What’s more, with Qurbani 2017 just around the corner, let’s take the opportunity to extinguish our worldly sins, fill our obligations and give to those in need.

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