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Very few charity deeds are as rewarding as volunteer work. In fact, for many people, it is their preferred choice of involvement. It allows them to get involved in different UK charity campaigns and contribute to a good cause the best way they can; by donating their time. Financial contribution is no doubt very important for the success of any aid campaign. However, there are other equally importance aspects upon which a campaign’s overall success is based on. This includes things like creating campaign awareness, and increasing community involvement. Both of these tasks require an active presence of people on the ground who can reach out to the community and talk to them about the different types of relief aid opportunities they can get involved in.


This is where Volunteer Work comes into Play


Campaigns need staff and volunteers to reach out to people. Muslim Aid volunteers go everywhere people go. This includes malls, public hangout places or any place where there is a huge gathering of people. We interact with them and talk about what Muslim Aid is doing in some of the most volatile parts of the world. We advise people how their contribution can make a big difference to some of the people who live in poverty affected third world countries.


What it Means to be a Muslim Aid Volunteer


As a Muslim Aid volunteer, you will be responsible for creating a buzz about Muslim Aid, and what better place is there to get the ball rolling than your own locale? Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your neighbours. Talk to them about upcoming fundraisers or info seminars. Most of these are free to the public if they register in advance. Just recently Muslim Aid hosted a Screaming Tears event for the people of Rohingya, Burma. It was a tremendous success. The event was £10 at the door but free for those who registered online. Our volunteers were influential in bringing people together for this event.


As a Muslim Aid volunteer, you will be a part of coordinating events, such as Screaming Tears. An event is an event, after all. They all require different levels of preparation, such as setting the stage, working out parking spaces, or even taking photographs of the event that will later go online. As a fundraising volunteer, you will be involved in life-saving and life-altering projects. You will undertake a leadership role in associated different tasks while also working alongside different groups of people, in order to work out the finer details in making an event an all out success.


Travel Within the UK


Some volunteer opportunities come with travel requirements. These are short one-week trips to particular regions in the UK where volunteer presence is actively needed. This is an excellent opportunity to take your volunteer work to a national level and contribute beyond your community and neighbourhood.


Now is a great time to volunteer for Muslim Aid. Be sure to check out our website.  Fill out the form and tell us about yourself. We’d love to get you onboard on an exciting venture that comes with great spiritual rewards and a sense of accomplishment.

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