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Who Has to Pay Qurbani and When?

Who Has to Pay Qurbani and When?

The process of paying Qurbani has many rules, including who is required to make a Qurbani payment and when this payment must be made. If you’re to fulfil your duty to Allah (SWT), it’s of the utmost importance that you understand whether you’re required to make a Qurbani payment and the time in which you must complete this. So, if you’re unsure about whether you’re required to pay Qurbani or when you have to make the payment, Muslim Aid is here to help.

Is Qurbani Fard? 

Yes, Qurbani is obligatory for Muslims who meet a set of criteria, which are explained below.

Who Pays Qurbani?

Every Muslim who has reached puberty, has wealth that exceeds the Nisab threshold, and is of sound mind is required to pay Qurbani.

Can a Husband Pay Qurbani for His Wife?

All eligible Muslims are required to pay at least one Qurbani share. Therefore, if both a husband and wife meet the criteria to give Qurbani, the husband isn’t permitted to pay Qurbani for his wife, as she must do so herself.

If a husband meets the criteria to pay Qurbani but his wife doesn’t, he may choose to pay a Qurbani share on behalf of his wife; however, this isn’t compulsory. Despite this, some Muslims choose to pay Qurbani on behalf of their dependents as well as themselves, as this allows them to reach more people in need and maximise their blessings.

Are the Deceased Required to Pay Qurbani? 

The deceased aren’t obligated to pay Qurbani; however, some Muslims choose to pay Qurbani on behalf of their deceased relatives. This is how people ensure that those who have passed continue to have good deeds being done in their names.

How to Pay Qurbani

Traditionally, Muslims paid Qurbani by purchasing and slaughtering an animal themselves and splitting the meat into three parts. These three parts were then distributed among themselves and their family, their friends and neighbours, and those in need.

Today, UK slaughter laws don’t permit anyone other than licenced slaughterhouses to carry out this practice. As a result, Muslims in this country typically pay Qurbani by donating to an Islamic charity like Muslim Aid. We use your Qurbani donations to purchase a valid Qurbani animal in an Islamic country and slaughter it in line with Islamic slaughter rules. Once the sacrifice has taken place, we then distribute the entire Qurbani share among those in need to feed the hungry across the globe.

When to Pay Qurbani 

For the sacrifice to qualify as Qurbani, it must take place during the days of Eid al-Adha; as a result, it’s important to pay your Qurbani before this time. This year, Eid al-Adha is set to begin on Sunday, 16 June and end on Tuesday, 18 June; however, these dates are subject to change, depending on the moonsighting.

How Much is Qurbani?

The cost of Qurbani is dependent on a number of factors, including the type of the Qurbani animal and the country in which it’s situated/will be slaughtered. That said, every eligible Muslim is required to cover the cost of at least one Qurbani share; this can come in the form of one small animal (a sheep or a goat) or one-seventh of a large animal (a cow, a bull, a buffalo, or a camel).

Why Do We Pay Qurbani?

Qurbani payments are given in honour of the sacrifice made by the Prophet Ibrahim (AS), wherein Allah (SWT) instructed him to sacrifice his son, Ismail (AS). The pair obliged out of their willingness to obey the Creator; however, Allah (SWT) put a ram in Ismail’s (AS) place, leaving him unharmed. This was a reward for the pair’s devotion to the Creator.

Missed Qurbani Payments

If you’ve missed the chance to make your Qurbani payment, you can make up for it by making an additional Qurbani payment at the next opportunity. For instance, if you missed Qurbani last year, you might choose to pay two shares this year to cover both years. If you’re able to make a Qurbani donation, you should do everything in your power to do so by the time Eid al-Adha rolls around.

Pay Qurbani Online with Muslim Aid

With Muslim Aid, it couldn’t be easier to make your Qurbani payment. We ask that all eligible Muslims head to our Qurbani Appeal page and select their Qurbani from the available options. When you opt for our Need is Greatest option, we distribute the Qurbani meat among those who are in the most desperate need, allowing you to maximise the impact of your Qurbani.

No matter the Qurbani option you choose, your payment has the power to transform lives globally. Join hands with Muslim Aid to feed nutritious meat to vulnerable individuals on a global scale.

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