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Idlib crisis response

Idlib crisis response

Muslim Aid is on the ground in Idlib, Syria. With the escalation of violence looking more likely, we will be scaling up our existing emergency response, through our three partners on the ground.

Muslim Aid has worked within Syria, as well as on the borders, since the beginning of the seven year conflict. Three million people live in Idlib, the highest concentration of displaced people in Syria. Tens of thousands of these civilians depend entirely on aid for their basic needs. If violence breaks out in Idlib, it could displace hundreds of thousands of people.

Muslim Aid's work in Idlib includes:

HEALTHCARE: Over 260,000 people will benefit from a local health centre in Idlib, supported by Muslim Aid together with our partners. This centre is preventing deaths of adults and newborn babies, ensuring that children have sufficient nutrition and improving the overall health and wellbeing for people severely affected by the conflict.

PROSTHETIC LIMBS: This specialised clinic is dramatically reducing waiting times by using robotic technology, which makes it easier and quicker to design artificial limbs. At least 1,680 people are expected to benefit. Prosthetic limbs can give Syrian amputees the opportunity to recover some mobility, this can bring some sense of normality to adults and children disabled as a result of the war. Muslim Aid is also supporting Syrian healthcare workers at the clinic to build up their skills and capacity.

FOOD: We have distributed food packs to nearly FOUR THOUSAND people in the last three months.

SHELTER: SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY displaced Syrians now have permanent shelters, they are also receiving hygiene kits and household items.


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