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International Women’s Day 2014

8th March marks International Women’s Day 2014, the theme of which is ‘Inspiring Change’. On this day, Muslim Aid reaffirmed its commitment to encourage positive social change through the promotion of gender equity within communities in the developing world as a means of tackling poverty.

A spokesperson for Muslim Aid said: “Gender inequity continues to be a barrier to tackling poverty in the developing world. Through empowering women to become active members of their respective communities, it is possible to reduce poverty. Today, Muslim Aid reaffirms its commitment to promoting gender equity as a means of tackling poverty in the developing world.”

Muslim Aid runs income generation programmes which it actively encourages women to take part in, and occasionally runs these programmes exclusively for vulnerable women. In 2014 alone, over 100,000 people around the world benefitted from these programmes which included livelihood programmes, skills training programmes and interest-free microfinance programmes, of which up to 90% of beneficiaries were women in some cases.

Muslim Aid’s income generation programmes empower women to earn an independent income, giving them greater economic freedom. Women are subsequently able to improve the welfare and living conditions of themselves and their families, send their children to school, provide nutritious food, access to healthcare, and also create jobs for other women within their respective communities, thus breaking the cycle of poverty for themselves as well as future generations.

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