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Muslim Aid endorses International Day of disabled people 2013: Working together to break barriers for an inclusive society for all

In the humanitarian sector, disability is not only considered a medical condition that needs to be addressed but also a cross-cutting theme for the provision of social, education and health services including information, communication and technology (ICT), transport accessibility and building a positive public attitude towards disabled people. International day for disabled people is a reminder to all that people suffering form any kind of disability are still marginalized in many societies specially in the developing countries. It is important to provide necessary amenities and equipment that could facilitate the mobilization of disabled people and their contributions towards the economy in particular and society in general.

 A spokesperson from Muslim Aid said: ‘’ Disability inclusion in the planning and implementation of development projects is both rights and needs of people with disability and it is also very crucial for an inclusive and integrated approach. It is disappointing to learn that disabled people in many societies are looked upon as liabilities. They can be a good resource to identify innovative and effective ways to break the barriers which prevent them from participating in their respective communities actively. Civil society should do more to draw mainstream attention to disability issues in order to ensure their dignity, fundamental rights and well being.’’

Muslim Aid firmly believes that equality and effective participation for person with disabilities are not possible unless they are included in all development process. This is why most recently Muslim Aid has adopted disability inclusive disaster risk reduction initiative in Bangladesh. The inclusive approach to disaster risk reduction scheme includes advocacy on mainstreaming the disability in disaster risk reduction process, understanding the needs of disabled people and making all social services more accessible to them during a disaster.

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