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Muslim Aid update - Myanmar and Bangladesh

Muslim Aid has been working on the ground in Myanmar since 2012, we are one of the only British Muslim agencies registered to work there. We have three offices, 30 staff and over 60 volunteers. We have also been working in neighbouring Bangladesh since 1991.

As well as our ongoing work with people who have been affected by the conflict for two generations, we are addressing the current emergency situation, which affects an estimated 525,000 people within Myanmar. Over 120,000 of these are internally displaced people within Rakhine state.

In Myanmar we have given 6000 food packages to those left desperate by the current crisis. We have also supported 14 camps, 50 villages and 60,000 people. We trained 150 women to sew school uniforms and make soap and shampoo, to earn a living, we have built a hospital and sanitary facilities and are in the process of building mobile clinics. We’ve trained 30 teachers and renovated 15 schools. We’ve also built six long shelters for 48 families and are currently renovating more shelters in anticipation of monsoon season. During Ramadan 2017 we gave 7000 food packages. The risk of waterborne diseases such as cholera is a grave one, so each year we build over 100 hand pumps for drought areas.  

To address the emergency situation in Bandarban district, Bangladesh, where some of the refugees from Myanmar are arriving, we have to date distributed food packs to 1000 families. Our other work in Bangladesh encompasses a widespread development programme focusing on health, education and livelihoods and has pulled many thousands of people, especially women, out of poverty.  We deliver vital development assistance to the most vulnerable in Bangladesh as well as responding to the disasters of recent years including the Nargis cyclone in 2008 and the Sidr in 2007. 

Each and every donation goes towards supporting those who have lost everything due to the Myanmar crisis. We offer a heartfelt thank you to our donors and supporters for helping us to help people who have fled their homes with nothing and have little or no access to medical care, shelter, food and clean water. Muslim Aid would like to assure its donors that it remains committed to providing humanitarian support to those affected by the Myanmar crisis.

October 2017

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