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Muslim Aid’s message on World Book Day 2014

As children and adults across the globe celebrate world book day, Muslim Aid takes the opportunity on this occasion to reiterate the importance of literacy for eradicating poverty and inequality. With all the efforts made at national and international levels in the developing countries, one third of the primary school age children are still not learning the basic i.e reading and writing skills in schools.  In 2013/14 global monitoring report, UNESCO highlighted that there has been slow progress in increasing adult literacy rate in the developing countries. Number of illiterate adults remain high at 774 million and women comprises two third of the world’s illiterate adults. Improving the quality of education is the main focus of post 2015 global development because it is estimated that 250 million children are still unable to read, write or do mathematics.

Literacy is a key to people’s social mobility and an important indicator of their future success. Access to literacy gives essential learning opportunities to people eventually contributing to poverty reduction, economic growth and wealth creation. Muslim Aid’s education initiatives in various countries are pivotal to the Charity’s mission for eliminating poverty. In 2013, Over 3,134 individuals benefitted from education supplies such as text books, schools bags, stationery and uniform provided by Muslim Aid. Over 1,807 individuals enhanced their teaching capacities with the education and skills training organised by Muslim Aid. 0ver 16,000 individuals benefitted from the education facilities and equipment such as libraries, toilets and school feeding programmes


  • ISLAMIC OUTREACH CENTRE said on 15 Nov 2014, 05:39

    Requesting for facilitation funds for mobilizations of Muslim children and adults to attend world AIDS day 1st December 2014

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