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Syria Four years on

The ongoing conflict in Syria entered its fifth year this March, and has led to a continuation of suffering for Syrians caught inside the conflict as well as those who fled to neighbouring countries. Muslim Aid continued to support Syrians in need in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey through the provision of hygiene kits, food, clothing and educational support.

Conditions in refugee camps facilitate the spread of disease and illness rapidly, which makes health and hygiene vital. Muslim Aid Lebanon ensured the health of thousands in 2014, by distributing hygiene kits to 5,000 Syrian refugeescontaining items for personal hygiene such as soap, nappies, ointments and toothpaste, as well as disinfectants and detergents. 500 refugees were also given food vouchers to collect items of their choice from local grocery stores, which served as a vital lifeline for families with no other source of food or income.

Muslim Aid Jordan also distributed blankets to 2,000 households (approximately 11,000 people), and winter clothes to 1,600 children to keep warm throughout the winter months. 1,200 children were also supported to continue their education as they received school kits which included bags, school uniforms, notebooks and


Al Yarmouk camp, a Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus, Syria, made headlines for the shockingly dire situation of residents in 2014. In response, Muslim Aid partnered with UNWRA to distribute food to 17,899 people in order to ease their suffering and prevent starvation. 100 Palestinian refugees and non-camp Syrian refugees also received cash assistance from Muslim Aid Iraq.

Muslim Aid has also worked alongside its partner the Maram Foundation to run the ‘Beity’ project on the Turkish border, which offers a home to 100 children orphaned by the violence in Syria. Muslim Aid ensures the health and wellbeing of the children and provides them with quality education as well as shelter and psychological support.

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