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World Humanitarian Day 2014: Muslim Aid endorses United Nation’s campaign, Become a Messenger of Humanity

World humanitarian day reminds us of the suffering of all those people in crises and also commemorates the tireless work of humanitarian agencies and persistent efforts of aid workers. In order to provide timely emergency response and support communities for long-term development, many humanitarian workers and volunteers courageously work regardless of their security consideration especially during conflicts.

On the World humanitarian day, Mr Hamid Azad, the CEO of Muslim Aid said, ‘’Aid workers play crucial role in the delivery of aid during conflicts. However, due to lack of access to the effected areas, it becomes impossible for them to provide timely and effective assistance. Maintaining political stability, human security and peace in the conflict zones are therefore vital elements for the aid workers to provide beneficial humanitarian services. Muslim Aid applauds their courage and honour all those who lost their lives while serving humanity. We have been serving humanity since the inception of Muslim Aid and we are committed to fight the aftermaths of conflicts and disasters like poverty, hunger and diseases.’’

Muslim Aid has joined the UN initiated campaign, Become a Messenger of Humanity, which aims to bring NGOs together to advocate and take necessary action in order to bring peace to and make this world a better place for millions of people entrapped in poverty and conflicts. Muslim Aid is currently providing humanitarian support to those affected by conflicts in Gaza, Syria, Central African Republic and Myanmar.

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