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World Tuberculosis Day 2013

On World Tuberculosis Day, Muslim Aid reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to providing treatment for Tuberculosis, and facilitating preventative measures to ensure that the disease does not spread in the developing world.

TB is considered to be a public health problem in many countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that 8.8 million new cases and 1.4 million deaths occurred in 198 countries as a direct result of the disease in 2010 alone.

A Spokesman for Muslim Aid said: “TB is a particularly dangerous disease which causes suffering, takes lives, and places a heavy burden on healthcare systems. It is also a hindrance to international development. When there are ways to treat and prevent the spread of the disease it becomes the responsibility of the international community to share the knowledge of best practice with poor countries. Vulnerable people must also equally benefit from prevention programmes, particularly where Tuberculosis is common.”

Muslim Aid has established and supported healthcare centres and hospitals to provide medical care for some of the most impoverished communities around the world since its inception. On this day last year, Muslim Aid established new Tuberculosis clinics in parts of Somalia where the disease is particularly prevalent, such as in Eyl. Muslim Aid also runs public awareness programmes in other countries on preventative measures, including early detection and treatment of the disease.

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