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Your donations saved winter

Your donations saved winter for nearly 40,000 people last year – here’s how

With temperatures plummeting across the world, millions are left vulnerable to some scary consequences of cold weather.

Like every year, Muslim Aid is ready to serve humanity and is on the ground to help people regardless of their race, faith or gender.

Because of your generosity, last year we were able to help tens of thousands of people by providing them with food, warmth, clothing and other necessities.

Your donations saved winter

Here’s how we squared up:

Last year, your winter donations directly helped a whopping 39,544 people across the world!

In our most war-torn countries, you helped a total of 10,166 people. the Gaza Strip, your donations allowed Muslim Aid to provide clothes to 800 children, half of whom were living with a disability while nearly 5,000 people were given emergency cash in the most vulnerable parts of Syria, while in Yemen, we were able to deliver food parcels, blankets and clothes to 5,050 people.

Those living in countries stricken by war are exceptionally vulnerable to poverty because of the logistical difficulty of delivering aid to such areas. Sieges, bombs, landmines, areas cut off from damaged infrastructure and other threats that come with operating in conflict-zones all make delivering aid a high-risk and even life-threatening task.

In Pakistan, your donations reached 6,020 people and we were able to provide goats and livestock deworming kits, shelter kits for the homeless and winter kits which include blankets, shawls, floor mats, quilts and umbrellas. Read more: Using charity to find bliss on the other side of fear

In Bangladesh, we were able to help 21,914 people, With Covid-19 still a major concern for residents, we gave them awareness leaflets to help them find their feet with dealing with the pandemic, along with hygiene and winter kits. They were given re-usable face masks, soap, detergent and women were provided with menstrual hygiene kits.

They were also provided with cash and a winter kit that provided clothes for children.

In Bosnia, we heated up four schools and gave vulnerable children winter clothing. Your donations provided over 1,400 people with insulation, stoves and clothing.

‘I hope that Muslim Aid will continue to provide support in the future as well’: Dad’s story

Dad Muhammad, 44, is a disabled resident of the village of Zangiwall in Pakistan's Baluchistan. Last year, he and his family were left in the dark after he was left with no source of income and was still responsible for taking care of his older sister, who is also disabled and relies on him completely.

With no income source, his family could not take preventive measures against the cold weather and told Muslim Aid that he was terrified of contracting Covid-19 because he did not have enough money to protect himself from the virus, which was still rife in his area.

Their home did not have enough warm blankets, mattresses, pillows, floor mats and other winter essentials, and they struggled with navigating harsh weather under both poverty and disability.

Muslim Aid provided Dad's family with a winter and hygiene pack to ensure they stay warm during the difficult months ahead. The hygiene packs consisted of hygiene necessities for the whole family, along with measures to protect them from Covid-19.

“I am extremely thankful to Muslim Aid and the donors who are supporting Muslim Aid, for their support to the affected families just like mine. I hope that Muslim Aid will continue to provide support in the future as well”, Dad said.

“How good it would be that Muslim Aid support to the vulnerable communities by giving technical skills that community members like me could earn from the acquired skills, fulfil his and family essential needs and lives a better life”.

Throughout the rest of the year, Muslim Aid continued providing relief for families across Pakistan, which continued massively throughout the tragic floods that took 1/3 of the country under water.

Let’s keep up the good work!

Last year was one of the toughest winters many had seen in decades. As times get more unpredictable, the vulnerable need us as a saftey net more than ever.

The world has seen an unprecedented rise in climate catastrophes this year. From earthquakes in Afghanistan, to flooding in Pakistani and Nigeria and scorching summers that were unbearable for the most vulnerable people across the world, there is more of a need to protect them than ever.

Donate now to our winter campaign to save lives.

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