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Have you got fundraising idea? Thought of a cool challenge or event? Muslim Aid will support you all the way to make it happen!

Whether it’s organising an epic fundraising dinner, a challenge, marathon or even a whole new project - no idea is too big or too small to help fundraise for the worlds neediest. Muslim Aid can help you secure the things you need to make it a reality - from buckets and t-shirts to venues and posters. It also gives you the freedom to join the team at your own convenience.

By starting your own initiative, your heroic fundraising efforts will help to alleviate poverty worldwide and make a real difference. Last year one team of volunteers raised £500,000 in one night which made a huge difference to thousands of Palestinians in need. This is just one of the ways can you achieve the award and make your mark on humanity.

Simply fill out the form below with your name, contact number and description of your fundraising activity to kick start your call to action and begin your journey of serving humanity.

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