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3 year old Ahmad Qiblawi from Palestine lives with his family in extreme poverty in a South Lebanon Camp.  His mother and father both suffer from illnesses which prevent them from working, whilst his sister had to undergo a cornea transplant in her left eye. This transplant has left her with only 5% of vision.  Ahmad also has the same condition in his left eye; however he is blinded in his right eye which had to be removed for medical reasons.  In addition, Ahmad suffers from Asthma and is prone to attacks.  He requires continuous medical care which his family cannot afford.

Thankfully, the Rainbow Family now sponsors Ahmad and he receives a quarterly sponsorship of over £78, helping to pay for his medical expenses.  This in itself is a huge relief for Ahmad and his family as they now see a future filled with less difficulty. He can now get the medical attention he needs.  Despite his blindness, Muslim Aid has provided Ahmad with a chance to enjoy his childhood and an opportunity to live a better life.

The Rainbow Family Scheme shows families that we really do care, and with a regular donation we have not only made a difference in Ahmad’s life, but in his family’s too.

Change the life of a child like Ahmad today. Call our donation hotline on: (0)20 7377 4200 today and donate from £30 per month or make a secure donation by clicking below.

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