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“I want to be an Optician”

“I would like to be a specialist eye doctor so that I can treat people who suffer from eye pain,” said little Abdullah from Gaza.  At just six years old, he has already lived through three wars.

Yet despite being visually impaired by shrapnel wound, Abdullah smiles beautifully for the camera. As an orphan, he lives with his aunt and six family members in a two room dilapidated house very far from public services such as transport, schools, and hospitals. The entire family have to walk miles to get anywhere. The house lacks basic amenities. There isn’t a fridge, TV, heating system or ventilation shaft in sight. The summers are too hot and the winter can be brutal. This is the sad reality for hundreds and thousands living in Gaza.  Decades of conflict, economic sanctions and poverty have taken its toll for Gaza’s residents. Children bear the brunt as their education and health are challenged.

Abdullah’s wish to become an optician resonates deeply as he suffers from convulsions, loss of memory and balance. Due to his eye condition, he needs constant medical attention. His aunt was unable
to afford the medical care. She feared for the future of his eyesight as she was unable to afford medication and transport to get to the clinics. Thankfully, Abdullah was enlisted under the Rainbow Family Child Sponsorship programme where a kind donor decided to sponsor him. Since then all his medical and transportation fees are covered and he now has a new pair of glasses to protect his eyes from the dust which was causing further damage to his eyes. The Rainbow Family team pay frequent visits to his home to check up on him. Abdullah’s school expenses are also covered and food is given to the family. And, just like every little child living in Gaza, he dreams the same dream – to go to school to become someone.

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