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Mohammed Najath is 14 years old and lives in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. His father died due to heart failure in February 2012.

Following the death of his father, Mohammed's mother took on the sole responsibility of looking after her son. The family was living in extreme financial difficulties as they had spent all their savings on the father's medical treatment.

Najath's mother is not physically fit as she has undergone a stomach operation and should not do any strenuous work, however the poor financial circumstances have forced her to look for work. She earns a small income from grinding rice flour and selling it to her community but this is not enough to cover both the living and educational expenses for her son.

Najath joined the Rainbow Family Programme two years ago, before sponsorship he would go to school without having breakfast, wearing dirty uniform and did not have basic school items such as books and a school bag.

Since support from Muslim Aid, Najath can purchase all the relevant school materials and like all the other children in his class he is now able to attend extra classes in IT, Maths, English and Science.

"With such assistance, I believe that I can attain all my desired goals and have a bright future" says Najath, "My ambition is to become a doctor. With the passion I have and the education I receive, I will be able to provide medical services to needy families."

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