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It’s not  often kids enjoy after school clubs. Most of them want to go home and play  football with their friends or watch TV.
But for the  167 kids on the programme in the Tonkolili district, Sierra Leone, being  members of Rainbow Family clubs have put a big smile on their faces.

Four clubs  have been set up for them to improve their religious and social skills from the  Arabic Club which teaches kids Qur’anic recitation at a radio station, to the  Dawah Club which delivers dawah teachings on the radio, encouraging kids to  become good moral citizens.

Kids are  also given the opportunity to give back to their community by being involved in  the Charity Club. This club allows kids to take an active part in charitable  work such as cleaning the mosques and giving gifts and food to the poor.  The L & D.S. debating club also gives kids the  chance to develop their public speaking skills and encourages them to take part  in reading. All in all, not only do the kids enjoy going to school but also  feel elated to members of an after school club.

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