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In January, Muslim Aid donor Shakhura visited her sponsored child in Sri Lanka.

During the visit, she spent time reading and writing with Deluxsan as well as playing his favourite sport of Cricket. She also had the opportunity to meet with a number of other sponsored children and visit various projects implemented by Muslim Aid, such as the emergency response to the recent floods.

Shakhura was inspired by the work carried out by Muslim Aid Sri Lanka, “The trip has gone well and I’ve had a truly enjoyable experience. It’s been a great eye-opener as a way to reflect on how we take things for granted”.

Shakhura has been sponsoring Deluxsan from Sri Lanka for the past five years.  Deluxsan’s father went missing after the Tsunami in December 2006 and has not been seen since. His mother is ill and he is looked after by his grandmother. The donors support ensures that Deluxsan attends school regularly and gets the same opportunities as all other children of his age.

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