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On Abel road, Berea, in one of South Africa’s busy main streets sits the ‘Umoja-Ni-Nguvu’ restaurant, where women daily serve delicious traditional foods from fried plantain and fish, fragrant rice dishes, wholesome chicken stews to sautéed cassava leaves. This restaurant, visited by locals and foreigners alike, is funded by Muslim Aid and proudly managed by a group of women who take joy in being empowered with a livelihood.

As part of a novel and holistic way to provide jobs and help members of the Rainbow Family in South Africa, Muslim Aid launched the project in 2010 for parents and guardians whose children are on the Rainbow Family programme. The severe economic crises and high unemployment rates in South Africa has meant that many carers and parents are left unable to provide basic essentials for their families. The Umoja-Ni-Nguvu restaurant has changed all that for the Rainbow Family members in South Africa. Parents and guardians are now able to provide their family with groceries, rent for accommodation and other family expenses.   

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