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16 June 2011 marked the International Day of the African Child, where attention is drawn to the thousands of African children suffering from extreme poverty and poor quality of life.  Muslim Aid launched an appeal to international NGO’s and other African nations to support children living in poverty and hardship in Sierra Leone.  Despite having a considerable amount of minerals, agricultural and fishery resources, 70% of Sierra Leone’s population currently lives below the poverty line and more than half have been displaced.  The levels of injustice and inequality remain excruciatingly high.

There are thousands of children who need help and support to fight the cycle of poverty.  While the levels of child labour rise, many children are still being forced to leave their homes and live on the streets as families are incapable of providing basic necessities such as food and water.

Muslim Aid’s Rainbow Family child sponsorship program is working towards helping these children with a better future by providing sponsorships to 162 children in Sierra Leone. They are given access to nutritional food, quality education, healthcare and clothing.  We are also working with partners to provide skills training for youth, helping them improve their skills and creating opportunities for income generation. The difference made for these children has been phenomenal, and Muslim Aid are dedicated to continuing the success and expansion of the Rainbow Family program within Sierra Leone.

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