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Muslim Aid's Board of Trustees comprises of 19 respected members of the Muslim community, ensuring that our work is effective, the best possible standard, fully accountable and true to the humanitarian spirit and teachings of Islam. In order to evaluate MuslimAid projects, our Trustees make personal visits to field offices and partner organisations. Every two years the Board of Trustees elects a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and an Executive Committee.

At the London Headquarters of MuslimAid, a team of professional staff, headed by the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the management and the effective running of the organization.

Board of Trustees

Dr Suhaib Hasan (Acting Chairman)

Mrs Unaiza Malik (Secretary)

Mr Muhammad Zamir (Treasurer)

Dr Muhammad Bari

Mr Saleem Asghar Kidwai OBE 

Mr Yousuf Bhailok

Mr Nur Ahmed Chowdhury FCCA

 Dr Manazir Ahsan, MBE

Mr Mehboob Kantharia

Dr Abdul Majid Katme

Mr Farooq Murad

Dr Zahid Ali Parvez

Mr M H Faruqi

Dr Muhammad Jafer Qureshi

Dr Tariq Yusuf Rajbee

Mr Riyadh Al-Rawi

Sir Iqbal Sacranie OBE

Prof. Ghulam Sarwar

Mr S M T Wasti

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