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Indonesia Tsunami

 Indonesia Tsunami

Muslim Aid's Fadlullah Wilmot and Sahedul Islam have flown to Sulawesi, Indonesia to assess the damage caused by the tsunami which struck the island on Friday 29 September.

Over 844 are reported dead and thousands are predicted to be injured. The tsunami was triggered by a magnitude 7.4 earthquake and resulted in 20 foot high waves crashing onto the coast destroying thousands of homes and causing devastation all around.

Fadullulah Wilmot and Sahedul Islam have only recently returned from the island of Lombok, Indonesia where they were at the sharp end of earthquake chaos. They are now en route to Palu on the island of Sulawesi to assess the needs of people caught up in the tsunami and to plan the response work.

“I don’t have words for what the people of Indonesia have suffered since the series of earthquakes hit Lombok this Summer,” says Wilmot, who is Muslim Aid’s temporary Indonesia Head of Mission, as he boarded the plane the day after the disaster struck.

“We were on the scene immediately after the quakes in August, but I didn’t expect to be returning to Indonesia so soon for another emergency, and one so terrifying.”

In Lombok Muslim Aid immediately provided tarpaulins, mats and blankets for people made  homeless by the quakes as well as food, water, nappies and sanitary towels. They are continuing to support the communities by building temporary shelters.

Wilmot continues: “In Sulawesi Muslim Aid’s partner on the ground will now immediately assess needs for the most vulnerable people hit by the tsunami. We will do everything we can to support them.” 


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