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Muslim Aid has worked in Gaza since 2006 to provide essential services. Our Water for Gaza Appeal is working to provide multiple solar-powered water stations, clean water supplies to hundreds of schools and nurseries, sanitation stations, training to teachers and staff about water infection control, as well as providing water to children.

Our Safe Water Appeal aims to support and provide for individuals and communities worldwide, meaning that our work here at Muslim Aid can have a global impact.

The Gaza Water Crisis

The people of Gaza are in desperate need of clean drinking water; however, this is not readily available to them due to the continuing conflict. Many wells and sources of water have been destroyed or contaminated, which has led to increased disease and water-related illness and has put over two million people at risk.

Those suffering from poverty in Gaza are at particular risk of water-related illnesses as they do not have the finances to support themselves. This means they constantly have inadequate or a lack of food, clothes, materials and perhaps the most important resource, water.

Clean water should be provided to families in Gaza to drink, cook with, wash with, and give to their livestock. Without water, their way of life is brought to a halt, and inadequate water sources are often the cause of death.

The Impact of Your Donations

Rafah Boys Primary School in the Southern Gaza strip was in desperate need of access to clean water. Pupils and their families often suffered from illnesses and dehydration, but in May 2019, Muslim Aid was able to support these pupils by installing a solar-powered water station that delivered 1000 litres of fresh and clean water every day.

This was achieved through the contributions of kind donators like yourself, and we hope to provide those in Gaza with more support.

How You Can Help

There is great reward in providing water for the needy and impoverished. To gain this reward, you can donate to Muslim Aid water appeals to reap the rewards, including the benefits of Sadaqah Jariyah. ‘The Messenger of Allah (SAW) was asked, “Which charity is best?” He replied, “(Providing) water”’. (Abu Dawud)

Please donate here to support our Water for Gaza Appeal. Your donations can ensure the following:

£53 could provide a family with a consistent supply of clean water

£105 could provide two families with a consistent supply of clean water

£240 could provide clean water for school children – 41,000 litres per year

£742 could provide 14 families with a consistent supply of clean water

£1,000 could provide clean water for an entire hospital, benefitting 600 people

£4,375 could provide ½ share of a solar-powered water unit – over 500 people benefit daily

£8,750 could provide one full solar-powered water unit – 1.8 million litres of water yearly

Any donations you give to our Water for Gaza Appeal will help us to support the vulnerable and needy in Gaza and provide them with clean drinking water to prevent illnesses and deaths and provide them with some ease in their difficult lives.

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