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Surviving the Winter in Syria

Syria Winter Crisis

Despite the sweltering heat in the summer, winter in Syria can be particularly dangerous due to the freezing temperatures, blistering winds, and snowfall.

For many Syrian refugees who have been displaced, winter is a tough time to get through without adequate shelter, clothing, and food. There are currently six million people who have been displaced, and the lack of these resources makes winters practically unbearable for them, with many suffering from pneumonia and cases of flu, which is why we need to support the vulnerable in Syria by providing them with essential items.

Poverty and unemployment are two factors that severely affect nearly 90% of all Syrian refugees. Most Syrian refugees are forced out of their homes, and this adds to their winter struggles due to the stress and worry of not being in an adequate shelter. While this has psychological stresses, it also affects them physically and has detrimental effects on their health and welfare.

Clothing is another factor that affects Syrian refugees, as they often do not have thick or warm clothes. This results in them having to face harsh and brutal winds that chill to the bone, which adds to the risk of them suffering from pneumonia.

Syrian widows and orphans are vulnerable groups that particularly struggle from the effects of poverty in the winter. They cannot afford sufficient heating, clothing, food, or water, which puts them at serious risk of suffering from winter illnesses, and Covid-19 also poses risks for them during the frosty winter months.


How You Can Help

Syrian refugees may require resources like food, blankets, clothes, and shelter to ensure they make it through this winter, and these can be provided with your donations.

In providing shelter, clothes, heating, and food in winter, you may be saving a life of a Syrian refugee who would otherwise struggle in the winter months without your support, and this comes with an immense reward. It is stated in the Qur’an, ‘If anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.’ - Qur’an 5:32

Any donation you make to our appeals for Syria will be used to support vulnerable and impoverished refugees by providing them with resources and essential items including water, food, heating, and blankets, all of which have immense positive impacts on the recipients.

Your donations can provide a camp heating system for a family in Syria, which is essential in ensuring that a family can get through winter without struggling from the effects of the cold.

This winter save lives by donating to Muslim Aid and reap the rewards in doing so.

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