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A Childhood Stolen by War.

Born during the on-going conflict, the children of Palestine know only war.  From their very first breath, the threat of violence, poverty and destruction has hung over their heads.

The 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict claimed the lives of over 500 children, severely injuring more than 3,000 and leaving behind over 1,500 orphans.

Young, defenceless and confused, these children have experienced the worst injustice in the darkest of circumstance. 

No child should suffer this way.

You can help give them back the future they deserve.

For the last 10 years, we have been working in Palestine offering support to children and their families. Our child sponsorship programme provides a vital lifeline for those whose childhood has been scarred by war.

The Rainbow Family Programme supports 1,400 children in Palestine alone. However, 130 vulnerable children are currently waiting for a sponsor, someone just like you. We have launched an urgent campaign to get all children sponsored within the next 30 days and need your help.

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For as little as £1 a day - you can sponsor a child from Gaza, who desperately needs your help. 

“Sometimes it feels like the rest of the world turns a blind eye to the injustice and struggles around the world. I still remember the first picture I saw of Nabeel - he looked so young. He has a disability and I didn’t want this to set him at a disadvantage. So four years ago I set up a direct debit with Muslim Aid to sponsor Nabeel through the Rainbow Family. I’ve found the experience amazing. Nabeel is part of my family, like my younger brother.”  - Farhan, Manchester.

Be like Farhan - help a child like Nabeel.

Your donation will not only ensure that a vulnerable child has access to basic necessities such as food, clothing and education. In addition, the emotional and social support needed to aid a child’s development will also be provided.

Your gift secures their future

£30 per month can sponsor a child in Gaza.

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Alternatively, for £360 you can support a child for one year.

Donate towards our Child Community Fund which supports projects that help children and their communities.

£20 £50 £100

Did you know that?

  • Almost 40% of Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip live under the poverty line and struggle to survive.
  • The rate of child labour has risen dramatically in the last 5 years.
  • Over 50% of children in Gaza suffer from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Most common symptoms include nightmares, eating disorders and intense fear.

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