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Lebanon is a small country which has achieved global influence and renown through its huge diaspora, long history and diverse population. Before its devastating civil war it was famous for its appeal to tourists and financiers.

The civil war, fuelled by countries across the world as well as local actors, raged for 15 years and claimed over 120,000 Lebanese lives. Those displaced during that period join the permanent population of Palestinian refugees who have been living in Lebanon for up to 70 years, and more recently a huge influx of people seeking refuge from the Syrian conflict.

Hazardous waste, damaged and contaminated water and sewage systems and ruined health and education infrastructure continue to hold back Lebanese people today. Lebanon needs outside support not just to fix its own longstanding issues but assist it in responding to the global crises placed at its feet.

  • More than 25% of Lebanese citizens live in poverty
  • More than 1 million refugees in Lebanon, mostly Syrian refugees
  • Nearly half a million Palestinian refugees are registered in Lebanon

How we are helping in Lebanon

Our field office in Lebanon provides aid and development programmes to help both hosts and hosted communities improve their lives. These include:

  • Educational projects to remove barriers to education for disadvantaged children and young people.
  • Healthcare including vaccination programmes, screening and health awareness.
  • WASH – water and sanitation to damaged homes and to refugee camps.
  • Emergency relief aid to respond to the immediate needs of those who have lost everything and are vulnerable or injured.

In April 2019, we provided treatment to 3,000 mothers and young children, saving their lives and improving their health. This included:

  • Prenatal and neonatal care services for mothers and their babies including nutrition and specialist maternity and paediatric services
  • Primary healthcare for children up to age 14 to combat disease and malnutrition, including vaccinations, thereby improving child life-expectancy and reducing the spread of illness.
  • For young people struggling within the confines of poverty and at risk of crime, with your donations we were able to invest in a sports stadium. Providing Lebanese young people and the refugee community with access to sports and life skills has improved mental health, confidence and reduced anti-social behaviour. 

We continue to provide the people of Lebanon with food during the month of Ramadan as part of our Feed the Fasting programme as well as distributing Qurbani meat to those in need.

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