Lebanon’s most serious problems stem directly from the devastation left by civil war; many hazardous materials were dumped and water and sewerage systems were damaged; emergency medicines and the treatment of injuries overwhelmed the health care sector and respiratory infections and diarrheal diseases were endemic.

Lebanon's lack of raw materials for industry and its complete dependency on Arab countries for oil has made it difficult for the Lebanese people to engage in significant industrial activity. Many live in conditions of poverty and suffer from malnutrition and water shortages.

The Muslim Aid Field Office in Lebanon

Lebanon office has been implementing different kinds of projects for various sectors, such as; 

1. Educational Projects: Muslim Aid Lebanon has contributed in enhancing the abilities of students through extensive courses and distributing school bags and stationary items in the Palestinian camps.

2. Health Projects: Muslim Aid Lebanon was involved in the distribution of medication to the Ministry of Social Affairs and other partners/clinics. In addition, MA Lebanon distributed surgical equipment to hospitals and surgeries. In 2010, a “Combating against Breast Cancer & its early diagnostic” lecture was performed by a specialised doctor in the Palestinian Camps. Seventy tests were made and one case was diagnosed with breast cancer. During the same year, an awareness health project was executed for Protection from Swine Flu (H1N1) with a cooperation of a local partner. Moreover, in 2010, several lectures were given on “Preserving Good Healthy Teeth” with further collaborations. Also, Muslim Aid distributed hygiene suit cases, each containing a toothbrush, toothpaste and wipes. During 2011 two projects were implemented in the Palestinian Camps: The "Audiometer Project" in Al Bus Camp/South Lebanon and the "Eye Clinic Project” in Al Baddawi Camp/North Lebanon.

3. WATSAN Projects
Muslim Aid dug two wells in Bebnin, North Lebanon to help farmers and provide them with water necessary for irrigation.

4. Emergency Projects
Several emergency projects were implemented as a response for the emergency appeal, including the following: 
- Distribution of Blankets during the Cold Wave in Jal El Baher Palestinian gathering
- Syrian Refugee Emergency Project: four phases have been implemented in two main areas; Wadi Khaled (North Lebanon) and Irsal (East Lebanon). Distributions included food parcels, diapers, blankets, mattresses and mats.

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