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Strategic Goal: Deliver an effective emergency response globally

Muslim Aid continues to respond speedily and effectively to emergencies with quick delivery of humanitarian relief and rehabilitation to the victims of natural and man-made disasters. We also focus on developing and upgrading our capacity to link relief and rehabilitation with long term development. 

COVID-19 and Ramadan

On March 11, 2020, the WHO declared the novel coronavirus outbreak to be a pandemic. Since then, MA has been participating in the global effort to tackle COVID-19 by enabling improved hygiene and social distancing practices and improving access to basic supplies and medical services in 8 countries. In addition to addressing the needs of hygiene and medical supplies, we also provided food, whether in the form of food packages, food vouchers or Unconditional Cash Transfers during Ramadan in 2020. This both achieved the aim of providing vital food support to households with limited income and access to market during COVID-19 restrictions, and of supporting vulnerable households who are fasting with food packages during Ramadan.

 In total, our 2020 COVID-19 response and Ramadan programme reached 105,725 recipients.  

Overall Outreach: 

  • Implemented 67 emergency projects in 14 countries.
  • 1,413,715 (583,611 direct and 830,140 indirect) people reached through humanitarian programmes.
  • 153,593 people reached on disasters responded to within 72 hours.
  • 123,696 (86,522 direct and 37,174 indirect) people reached through Seasonal and Religious dues programmes
  • 39 refresher trainings on DRR, DRM, Preparedness & Humanitarian response attended 

Snapshot of Projects:  

Providing Cooked Food for Asylum-seekers Fleeing Conflict in Sudan  

East Sudan hosts a continuously expanding population of refugees with nine active refugee camps, mostly from Eritrea and Ethiopia. In 2020, conflict in Ethiopia saw more than 45,000 asylum seekers enter Sudan in Kassala and Gadaref states, with thousands more new arrivals into 2021. Muslim Aid, in partnership with UNHCR and WFP, is providing ready cooked food for the new arrivals in the reception centers in Hamdayet, Gergef, Wad-Sharifey and in camps of Shagarab and Um Rakuba until they will be registered for General Food Distribution. Muslim Aid includes age sensitive feeding for children and old people and vegetables, spices, wheat flour and lentils in meals of adults to meet the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). Generally, new arrivals walk for 5-6 days from different parts of Eritrea or Ethiopia to reach entry points at Sudan border – cooked food on arrival provides lifesaving nutritional assistance to people who have experience shock, trauma and, in cases, starvation.   

Download our Full Feedback Report below. 


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