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A powerful 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit Mamuju District and Majene District, West Sulawesi Province, Indonesia on 15 January 2021.

Hundreds of people were injured and thousands displaced by the quake. Indonesia has a history of devastating earthquakes and tsunamis, with more than 2,000 killed in a 2018 Sulawesi quake.

Muslim Aid conducted a Rapid Needs Assessment (RNA) on January 22, 2021 in Mekatta village, Majene District 45 kilometers to the south from Mamuju District. This village was the closest of the earthquake epicentre and the most affected village of Majene’s district. An internally displaced persons (IDP) camp has been created in a communal place at the hills in anticipation of a possible Tsunami.

The camp will operate for at least 6 months to one year due to the locals housing being damaged and the need for time so their homes can be recovered or rebuilt. The RNA identified the priority needs of earthquake-affected households in the village: basic shelter materials, food, hygiene materials and WASH facilities. 

The main goal of the emergency response project is: earthquake affected people have their basic needs met including emergency WASH (Water and Sanitation and Hygiene) facility during the emergency situation to support their recovery towards normal life.


  • Outcome 1: 400 displaced earthquake affected households in Mekatta village use the emergency relief items and easily access the WASH facility to meet their basic needs. 
  • Output 1.1: 400 packages of emergency relief goods distributed to the earthquake affected households who are temporarily living in the displacement tent/tarpaulin.
  • Output 1.2: Installation of two emergency WASH facilities, providing access to water and toilets for 400 households

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