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Muslim Aid Media Centre

To operate successfully, charities need to charge an admin fee. Helping vulnerable people in challenging locations is not easy. Day in and day out, our staff are on the frontline, in the world’s most dangerous places, often at personal risk, helping to save and change lives.

From providing food aid and improving access to quality education and healthcare, to finding innovative ways of assisting drought-prone communities; we are there for those in need, and we are there for as long as it takes.

Our staff are committed to making the world a better place

We are driven to deliver world-class programmes by having the best and most dedicated staff working for us. Our teams are made up of highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced professionals who ensure our work has the maximum impact and benefits the most people.

While our staff, like all employees, need to be fairly paid, many of them could be paid twice or even three times more elsewhere. Yet they choose to work for us, not for the big pay package, but so they can make a difference.

Muslim Aid aims to achieve so much more, but this also means hiring more expert staff, acquiring new offices, expanding our project reach, and being able to improve on the quality of our programmes.

Muslim Aid applies a Zakat Admin rate at 12.5% as per Zakat Guidelines. This is the maximum amount we would utilise and sometimes the cost can be less,

Over recent years, we have become more effective in raising funds, but also more effective in spending donations on impactful, sustainable, life-sustaining and life-saving projects. We have also improved on financial management, which involves having the right policies, procedures and processes in place, and ensuring we comply with global standards of aid delivery.


  • At Muslim Aid, our beneficiaries come first. This means that investing in safeguarding, child protection and training for our staff must come first as well. To remain accountability, we learn from feedback from both beneficiaries and donors. This allows us to be able to constantly improve the quality and effective delivery of our interventions, and make sure they are relevant and respond to the actual needs. Our projects are monitored, audited and evaluated so that we know they can truly impact the most vulnerable communities.
  • To ensure that every penny of what you donate is spent properly, we hire internal and external auditors who look into all of our processes and procedures. They check whether we comply with the legal requirements, that we transfer funds in a secure manner, and that we perform due diligence on all our partners. We are committed to spending as much as we can on delivering humanitarian assistance and transformative solutions to those less privileged and less fortunate than us.
  • Many donors are not able to ask us to claim back Gift Aid on their donation.
  • Contrary to popular believe, charities, including Muslim Aid ,do not receive enough Core Funds nor Gift Aid right now to cover the Direct Support costs to deliver the programme to those who need it. we do highly encourage you to support Muslim Aid’s Core Funding Campaign whenever you donate to increase our capacity, improve programme delivery and quality and raise more funds to help more people.
  • Admin Support to our country offices provided Muslim Aid the ability to raise Institutional Funds of £12.6Mn in 2019.

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