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This Ramadan Means More

Ramadan is almost with us; we are now literally days away. Unfortunately, the last 12 months have been turbulent with a seemingly never-ending cost-of-living crisis that contributed to existing poverty problems in Britain. These financial struggles have meant that Ramadan is upon us, but we haven’t been able to prepare as much as we would have liked.  

It’s okay; we’ve brought together some fantastic tips to get you ready for the best month of the year!

Blessed Are Those Who Experience Ramadan.

In these final days before Ramadan begins, it’s easy to take it for granted that we will see Ramadan. Over the last year, we’ve been reminded that only Allah (SWT) knows what the future holds. Sadly, so many of our loved ones are not with us this year. We owe it to Allah (SWT), to those no longer with us and to ourselves to ensure that we make the most of Ramadan this year.

This Ramadan, Do More.


The first step to getting ready is to look at your intentions for Ramadan and what you want to achieve. Do you intend to give to the best of your potential? Or are you thinking of only doing the minimum? Aim high, ask yourself what you really want and purify your intentions. Every good intention is rewarded, so already you will be gaining blessings!


Look at your schedule and plan your ibadah (worship) accordingly. Think about how much Qur’an you can realistically read each day. Set aside time in your calendar each day to incorporate reading and learning. Plan your Suhoor and Iftar meals now, too – this will ease pressure and free up more time for worship.


Prepare yourself with better nutrition, less caffeine, more water and removing unnecessary distractions. Prepare by learning more about Sunnah actions to complete in this time and what you can do to achieve them.


Increase in Dhikr (remembrance of Allah (SWT)) now and maximise the blessings that lie in these days before Ramadan.


Get into the habit, if you are not already, of increasing your prayers to include Sunnah and Nafl prayers.

“Whoever stands in prayer during Ramadan due to faith and seeking reward, his previous sins will be forgiven.” (Bukhari)

Give More. Do More. Be More.

For many across the Muslim world, Ramadan will be a month where survival continues to be a priority. Devastated by war, disease, and disaster, they will struggle to eat, find shelter, or achieve good health. Your help now could mean so much more!

Give now.

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