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This Ramadan Giving is Believing.

Ramadan is a time when Muslims fast the whole month for the pleasure of Allah and to attain Paradise. It’s a month of purification, prayer, charity, and worship.

When we give our time, our worship, and our wealth for the sake of Allah, not only do we bear witness to our belief (Iman) but we also spread goodness to humanity.

Join us as we explore different paths to self-purification because this Ramadan purifying is believing.

Episode 1: Quran - connecting with his book

Get to know the Quran like never before and revive your connection with Allah's book.

Episode 2: Dikhr - Remembering Allah S.W.T

Strengthen your connection with Allah S.W.T by remembering Him how He wants you to.

Episode 3: Dua - Learning best way of supplicating to Allah S.W.T

Allah S.W.T loves those who make Du’a, and we should do this abundantly during the Holy Ramadan.


Episode 4: Salah – The Believer’s Ascent

Salah is more than an obligatory prayer. Learn how to perform Salah with the right mindset could help you in your journey to self-purification.

Road To Self Purification - Heart Soothing Dikhr By Ustadh Shabbir Hassan

Listen to heart soothing dikhr by Ustadh Shabbir Hassan and Purify your soul this Ramadan!

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